Today Ukrainian society yearns for gutty changes, so it is in search of its own truth and its own way.

The Revolution of Dignity has given us, the Ukrainians, a huge chance that the state will become law-governed, as it mentioned in the Constitution. The law and human rights will have indisputable supremacy in the society and in the country. But this has not happened. Moreover the high handedness among civil servants and corrupt law enforcement officials has only increased.

To my deep conviction, the future of Ukraine depends on reforms. First of all economy, financial sector, law enforcement and justice system need them The further development of our state depends on how well they are developed and implemented.

Unfortunately, real Ukraine prevents the formation of a new reformed Ukraine, which reports to the world about its victories.

Corruption has firmly rooted in government institutions and, most notably, in justice system; business persecution, explicit disregard of human rights is just a part of attributes of the Ukrainian present.. Numerous problems of the state are reflected in life of every Ukrainian person.

True view of the real country, openness of thoughts and personal expressions are extremely important for me.
I was born in 1978 in Dnipro (at that time, the city of Dnipropetrovsk). My parents were engineers, worked at a factory. Our family did not differ from others - we lived modestly, but love and mutual respect always dominated in our family.

My mother tried to create a family comfort in any way, every day my father revealed to us the essence of real-life situations. Of course, like most of the boys of that generation, my younger brother and me played a ball on the street and invented various childhood mischief. Sometimes I had to be responsible for my actions - it was the process of getting older.

School years I can call the brightest mention of my childhood a great friendly class, wonderful teachers, first love and first disappointments. I was not an honors pupil, but due to the hard work and insistence, I studied well.

Our generation was growing up in a difficult period of disintegration and formation of the country, we are familiar with the total deficit, because each family experienced the effects of economic disarray. I dreamed that my relatives in the future had the opportunity for a decent life, and any abuses from the outside did not shake the power of our family. Human relations and mutual understanding were and are extremely important for me.

Serhiy Rybalka with his family
During Yanukovych's government, my family and our business felt the pressure of a corrupt law enforcement punitive system. After that, I firmly decided to go into big politics: I want to change the country so that everyone can live and develop freely, not to fear for their lives and the lives of their relatives and friends. Taking up the politics was not so easy. It was a serious ordeal for me. However, thanks to the school of life I went through, creating and raising the business, I managed to overcome many obstacles. Since then, I have the honor to serve Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.
Faction "Radykalna Party of Oleg Liashko"
In the Ukrainian parliament, I am a member of the faction" Radykalna Party of Oleg Liashko " - the most consistent oppositional force.

We have always advocated the need for effective reforms in the Ukrainian economy, we support the domestic producer, we are making a lot of efforts in the fight against corruption at the legislative level.

"Not criticize, but offer" - this principle I took from business. I am convinced that the country needs a high-quality strategy, a clear program for each sector of the economy. And, of course, the efforts of all the authorities are extremely essential. Only in such way, Ukraine will follow the path of sustainable economic development.
Committee on Financial Policy and Banking
Until recently I was the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Financial Policy and Banking. The moment of appointment was in phase with almost the largest financial and banking crisis in the world, from which Ukraine has not recovered yet. The rapid three-fold devaluation of hryvnia, the withdrawal of hundreds of billions from banks, the closure of half of the banks and the loss of funds by citizens and enterprises are only a visible part of the problems. Ukraine has become the world leader in terms of non-performing loans - 57%.

The experience of such crises in different countries suggests that the authorities have three main tasks:
  • quickly put out incurably sick banks from the market and help everyone else to survive;
  • to strengthen the system radically in order to reduce future risks;
  • immediately start helping banks to reduce the level of problem loans.
The comprehensive program for reforming the financial sector, which was developed under the control of the NBU, did not meet the requirements of the time. In order to help the authorities to make the banking system recover from the terrible situation, we in the committee joined the efforts of representatives of various factions and groups. And as soon as possible all the initiatives of the NBU and the Government were worked out. А dozen laws was passed in the shortest period of time. We also gathered specialists and created our own Strategy for the Development of the Banking Sector. We got this document first among all parliamentary committees, involving leading economists, bankers and scholars. We wrote in detail the system failures of the NBU and the Government that led to a significant deepening of the financial crisis of 2014-2015 in figures and graphs. After that, we provided a clear vision of the vector of development. In particular, to strengthen the financial system and enhance business lending, support the development of industry, the transformation of state-owned banks into development institutes on the example of Asian "tigers."

On the basis of the Strategy, several dozens of new bills have been developed. In particular, about the NBU and the Deposit Guarantee Fund, the protection of the rights of creditors and consumers of financial services, the development of all sectors of the financial market - from insurance and credit unions to pawnshops, and even Forex and crypto-currency. I am deeply convinced that the formation of a powerful banking system is the key to the development of the Ukrainian economy.

Despite the titanic efforts of our committee, the complete indifference and ignoring of the importance of the development of the financial system by the authorities have led to a slowdown of reforms.

I was forced to resign office of chairman of the Committee on Financial Policy and Banking. However, this will not change my civic position and will not stop further work on the implementation of legislative initiatives. I continue to work for accelerating the reforms, improvement and modernization of not only the financial system, but also the entire Ukrainian economy.
American caucus in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
As a representative of the Inter-Parliamentary Relations Unit with the United States, during my visits to Washington I was personally convinced that Ukraine was of great interest

for American politicians and businessmen. Congressmen and senators are interested in the process of reforming of the Ukrainian economy, they pay attention to a large investment potential of our state (reference to the results of the visit to the USA). However , they point, and I share the opinion,at the factors that still hinder the development of the Ukrainian economy - corruption, weak financial and banking system, imperfect legislation in the field of small and medium-sized businesses.

During the last visit, American lawmakers and experts appreciated the strategy for the development of the banking system until 2020 developed by us, approved the introduction of the Export-Credit Agency, founded at our initiative. I am convinced that Ukraine should be interested in building up mutually beneficial relations with the United States and remain open to dialogue as much as possible.

The cooperation between our countries will depend on how fast Ukraine goes through the period of reforms and overcomes the corruption.
My way to business was not simple, and I had to go through many ordeals. It is extremely difficult to start from scratch, but you get more satisfaction when your company is becoming a market leader. Therefore, it is very important to have a dream, to set a goal and to move clearly in its direction.
The idea to start a business took me right after leaving school. The times were not the most favorable, but my friends and I decided to try. Each of us had about $ 100, which we invested in our own business - the production of snacks. In those years, almost everything was being sold, however, we decided to launch the production of high-quality goods, with the long-term prospect. The competition on the snack market was high, but our first product - nuts and roasted seeds - immediately found its consumer and became popular.
Our first production was located in a small room, which was not quite suitable for such case. A lot of work had to be done with our own hands, and when there was not enough money for development, we did not work in the specialty – we unloaded freight cars. Earned money we invested in our common business.

Business is always a risk. I fully agree with the statement of the American economist Peter Drucker: 'Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageousdecision.' Then I made my choice and I never regretted it.
Later, our company became a leader in the snack market in Ukraine, and when I went to politics, I handed the business to the management of parents and younger brother. They are now managing production and making important decisions. And thanks to them the company continues to develop. Currently, they produce goods of more than 10 items: crackers, croutons, pita, chips, potato chips, seafood, roasted seeds and others. The company owns such brands as Snekkin, SEMKI, Kozatska Slava, Miy Rybalka, Lavka, etc.

The group of companies S.Group is a leader in its segment of the Ukrainian food market.

The company's products have repeatedly become the winner of prestigious exhibitions and competitions on quality and successfully exported to 25 countries of the world.
For the last four years, my family business has been under pressure both illegally and with criminal intent on behalf of corrupt law-enforcement agencies. My family, my friends, acquaintances and me – we are all been under distress. Illegal litigation, unlawful actions of law enforcers and even physical violence against employees in the company run by my family have been applied. Now it is a matter of honor for me to stop this tyranny and illicitness.
The political persecution began in 2013 when I divorced my wife
The political persecution began in 2013.

After S.Group submitted the debt claim against supermarket chain ATB in the amount of nearly $ 4 million, law enforcement agencies began to put unlawful and massive pressure upon our company. About 80 searches have taken place at the enterprises since then. Law enforcement agencies have tried in many ways to interfere in the work of the company. We discovered the facts of illegal listening, tracking, breaking emails.

The paymasters of this confrontation in every way tried to prevent the impartial consideration of our claim in court. It turned out that the materials of the case were withdrawn by employees of the prosecutor's office on the eve of the court session. The Council of Judges of Ukraine called this fact "an unprecedented excess of authority and interference with the independence of the judiciary".

Employees of S.Group were repeatedly threatened, and several of them were attacked. In particular, someone tried to kill the top manager with a knife, and a staff member of the IT department was brutally beaten and his ear was cut off..

With this background, a real information warfare was started against me and S.Group. The company was unreasonably accused of trade with separatists, tax evasion, false business, and even drug sales.

In 2014, without my knowledge, a car was bought in my name, later drugs and my personal belongings (which were taken away during one of the searches) were found in it. In such criminal way, law enforcers tried to bring me to criminal responsibility.

There have been numerous attempts to falsify "the dirt" for several years. There have been a lot of threats and pressure on my relatives and acquaintances.

I have repeatedly appealed to the leaders in the Parliament, the Government, the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau and the President of Ukraine to investigate prosecution and also to protect an honest business from corrupt law enforcement and bandits. However, all the requests and appeals were ignored.

Recently, a former officer of the General Prosecutor's Office in an interview to the American journalist (The WashingtonTimes) told about the incredible details of numerous crimes during large-scale activities to persecute me and my relatives and acquaintances.

After that, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine opened a criminal proceeding into possible illegal actions of officers of the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine.

I'm sure the criminals will be punished.
Base on my own example, I know well how sometimes there is not enough support for any initiative - in our childhood, we did not always have the opportunity for personal fulfillment.
Therefore, immediately after business development I began to support social initiatives

I have patronized the children's sports club Dniprobox for more than 10 years, helping talented children find their way to top-class sports.

I have recently organized a song contest for 12-17 year old schoolchildren in Dnipropetrovsk region,. The winners visited Kyiv and the final part of the Eurovision Song Contest-2017.

I help and organize various activities for cancer-stricken children, children with special needs. I believe that in a difficult life situation, children should feel support of adults every minute. And it is precisely for them we should work on the further development of Ukraine and carry out the necessary reforms.

Today, my family continues my endeavors in Dnipro city. A socially responsible business for my family is a matter of honor.

Since the beginning of armed hostilities in Donbas S.Group has created the Volunteer Center to assist soldiers and citizens of ATO zone. I continually have organized the collection and delivery of uniforms, foodstuffs, medicines and medical equipment in the area of combat operations. A patriotic flashmob, organized in the company's headquarters in August 2014, collected more than 1 million UAH for the needs of the Ukrainian Army.

«Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost. » – this statement belongs to Thomas Jefferson who experienced a lot of life challenges.
Communicating with the media is an integral part of the life of any public person. I am not an exception, for three years in big-league politics I have got used to inconvenient questions, information wars and criticism. However, I continue to consider the press as a channel of communication with society. Today's society is called informational, therefore it is extremely important to get and provide objective, impartial information. It is always interesting for me to communicate with those journalists and experts who understand the economy, finances, because it is not only an opportunity to convey a personal point of view, but also learn a little bit new.


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